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Updated Tuesday, July 19, 2016


World Center Place, Inc. is a non profit international non governmental organization (NGO) that was founded and incorporated in May 2009, in Ohio, U.S.A. The organization exists for global geographic research and to promote the interest in geography and world issues.


Future plans include the development of a worldwide geographic research consortium, and a look at different parts of the world that may seem obvious at our glance here or there, but might be a mystery to others around the world. We will periodically feature different places and post information and photos on the website.


For more information about the organization, please check the following two (2) links.

   Most current 20150608-WCP-GEOG-NEWS File. (PDF, Filesize 10.1 MB).

    Previous 20120907-WCP-GEOG-NEWS File posted in September 2012. (PDF, Filesize 2.769 MB).


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Photo NEWS: environmental photos of ground and sky conditions in Lakewood, Ohio, USA

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Concept 197 Applied - Commentary on Geography & The Pilot’s License (5 minute YouTube Video, July 2016)


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Contact Information:
World Center Place, Inc. – Global Geographic Research


        Ms. Inta M.C. Mitterbach, GED, AS, BA, MBA, Founder & Executive Director
        H-Office Telephone: 00-1-216-712-7594
        Mailbox: 17321 Archdale Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio, 44107 U.S.A.

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